Monday, May 5, 2008

Gay Encounters

Last night I went to see Iron Man with my dad and brothers. During the previews, two guys walked through our aisle and sat next to me. The one right next to me was like 17 or 18 and the other guy seemed older or maybe he was just taller. As the younger kid sat down, I thought I saw him do a double take out of the corner of my eye but I didn't think anything of it. I was really enjoying the movie and I can't remember how far along into it we were but all of a sudden I felt his foot on mine. This wasn't a accidental rub. He had taken his sandel off and rubbed his foot on mine. I left my foot there more shocked than anything and was freaking out asking myself if this was really happening to me. Then I jerked my foot away. Oh my gosh. I had like hot flashes up and down my body and was paralized. The whole rest of the movie we were "accidentally" touching arms and legs and letting them stay there longer than most strangers do. The whole time, that phone commercial where one guy is talking on his blue tooth but the second guy thinks he is talking to him and hitting on him were running through my mind. I wanted so bad to talk to the guy and his friend, but what was I supposed to do? I left with my dad and brothers, never to see those other guys again.

Then, today, I got on the computer only to find that my brother had left his facebook signed in. I was extatic because unlike me, he is friends with Travis. I jumped on and started looking at Travis' page and pictures and saw some of his new boyfriend. Then, all of a sudden, I get a instant message from none other than Travis saying hi to my bro. I told him it was me and used one of our inside jokes to prove it and then we started chatting. I kept it light at first, just talking about school and work and then I went for the jugular. I asked him why he's been avoiding me. He didn't really give an answer and I pushed him on it. He says I can call him this week. He's dated four guys since me. He's probably had sex with all of them. He comes back to town in two weeks and he said we can hang out. It will be interesting.

Right now I feel very...well, horny. It's a good thing Travis doesn't get home for two weeks. These two events got me all hot and bothered and I need to calm down.


October Rising said...

wow, sounds like you had quite the weekend!

Chase said...

The movie theater an interesting experience. Good luck with being hot and bothered... there is a cure :)

Some Like It Hot said...

Shoot. I think I would have been paralized too, except I think I would have left my leg there..ha

A CROW'S VIEW said...

Wow, I think you have a lot to think about. This guy at the movie theatre who doesn't know you but is willing to get qusi physical with you. Your friend Travis who has dated a bunch of gay and had sex with them. Guys at clothing store who are willing to flirt to make sales. I thin one of the things you need to conisder here is these are three really good examples of the values that a lot and I'm not saying most, gay men put on sex. Knowing what you know about sex, the purpose of it and why you are here. What God wants and all that. Is this really what you want. That's something to think about.